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Zhao's Profile

Post by Zhao Xun » Mon May 15, 2006 2:15 am

Name: Zhao Xun (Rikama) : Zhao was once a split being; one of several minds. The main one, who referred to himself as Zhao, was a calm, complacent mind. He thought, he helped, and he disliked combat of any kind. However, the other mind that contended for control was of a very different sort: he was bloodthirsty, vicious, and nigh uncontrollable. The two began as enemies because of their different ideals, but gradually became closer as they went on. Zhao would allow this second mind, this Rikama, to fight for him, while Rikama would gladly let Zhao do the talking and thinking. However, this all changed soon enough.

During a quest that took Zhao, Dien, Canti, and others through a vicious dungeon known as Tenebrous Tower, Zhao turned control to Rikama completely. He went so far as to disappear into the recesses of his mind, to the place where things that were forgotten, and should have remained that way, were stored. He found memories of how the schism in his mind was originally created, and it shocked him to the core. He was not the original mind. He had been created by Rikama, who had been insanely brilliant as a child, to cover up the fact that Rikama had murdered his parents. Rikama retreated into the back of his mind and let Zhao take complete control, hiding the memories of what he had done. And who would suspect such an innocent child? No, he was too kind, too gentle. And so Rikama escaped justice for the time being.

When Zhao reemerged, he didn't let on that he had found anything of the sort, and quietly retook control of their shared body. Rikama let him do so, but a few battles later realized that Zhao did not mean to allow him control ever again. He lashed out, trying to force Zhao back into recession and to reclaim what was his. But to his surprise, Zhao defeated him. He lay dormant for awhile then, biding his time, nursing the wounds he had received. But he was not through. Not yet.

After Nall rescued Zhao, Dien, and Canti from the clutches of Suraisu, Rikama was ready to come back out. And when turmoil broke out in Mac Anu, he did so. He assumed control without anyone noticing... or so he though. Dien, being the only one who really knew the whole story, picked up on it and called him out. After a heated exchange, the Blademaster sucker punched the brash Twinblade, and when the mind regained consciousness, Zhao was at the forefront once again. However, he was soon to come face to face with Rikama for the final time: when his mind became trapped in The World, there was nothing to do but combat him.

Details are fuzzy, even in Zhao's mind, as the fight they had took a huge toll on his mental stability. But Zhao defeated Rikama and nearly destroyed him, keeping only what was necessary to prevent the total eradication of the entire mind. Shortly afterward, Rikama did something that shocked Zhao to the core: he fused his skills and intelligence into Zhao's mind and let himself vanish as an individual. Zhao now finally has confidence in himself, and will do whatever is necessary to protect his allies. It is the purpose he has decided on for himself, and he will do everything in his power to fulfill his goal.

Real World Player: Jason Rune

Class: Twinblade

Level: 17
HP: 331
SP: 105

Appearance: Zhao is clothed in a golden tunic, with slight bulges underneath showing his moderately armored state. He stands about 6' tall with a medium build. He has medium-length black hair accentuated by a purple bandanna. His eyes are a navy-blue, nearly black.

GP: 2966

Masterblades (Thunder Coil, Twin Dragons, Critical Hit)
Noble Cloak (Rue Zot)
Steel Cap (Rue Kruz)
Silver Bracer (Rai Rom)
Ceramic Anklet (Dek Ganz)

Unused Equipment:
Spiral Edge [RARE] (Tiger Claws, Staccatto, Gale of Swords)
Yosetu & Fuyou (Saber Dance, Rue Rom, Vak Rom)
Anshou (Swirling Dark, Stacatto)
Spark Blades (Flame Dance)
Wristbands (Juk Rom)
Steel Blades (Tiger Claws)
Bandanna (Repth)
Nomad's Hood (Repth)
Leather Coat (Gan Zot)
Leather Gloves
Leg Mail

Health Drink x28
Healing Potion x3
Recovery Drink x1
Healing Elixir x1
Resurrect x10
Antidote x5
Restorative x6
Sprite Ocarina x1
Fortune Wire x10
Knight's Blood x3
Beast Blood x3
Speed Charm x3
Mage's Soul x4
Light Cross x1
Divine Cross x1
Cygnus x3
Ice Floe x3
Ice Storm x3
Ice Strike x5
Nightblight x2

Golden Orb (Glowing Faintly White)

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